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January/February 2010

ESA Science Programme Committee decides NOT to proceed with Cross-Scale

What is Cross-Scale?

Cross-Scale formation

Cross-Scale is a mission concept to study the nonlinear coupling of electron, ion and fluid scale processes which control the key plasma phenomena of shocks, reconnection and turbulence.

Cross-Scale would comprise up to 12 spacecraft flying in formation in Earth orbit, with separations from 10's of km to more than an Earth radius.

A small group of scientists have been refining the science questions that Cross-Scale will address and the measurements required to answer them. The result of this process is a Science Priorities Document, which is available to download.

Making Cross-Scale a reality

An opportunity exists to implement the Cross-Scale mission within the framework of ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme. We are developing a proposal in response to the Call for Proposals, released by ESA on 5 March 2007. As part of that process, we held a Community Meeting in London in September 2006.

We have developed a number of possible mission scenarios to illustrate how the science goals could be achieved. Some of these involve collaboration with other agencies, which would greatly increase the possible science return.

Following our Letter of Intent and our Proposal to ESA, Cross-Scale has been selected to enter an Assessment Phase commencing November 2007 and lasting approximately two years. The full results of the selection process can be found here on the ESA Web-site.

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